Shafa Mehr Ghaem Co.

Shafa Mehr Ghaem incepted in 2013 as an importer of medical equipment in the field of disposable sterile surgical packs along with professional staff for controlling infection of patients in the surgery divisions. Considering main purpose of this co., prevention from infection transmission through patients in hospital surgery divisions, decided to apply nonwoven cloth that resist infection transmission.
Considering researches and tests done by Shafa Mehr Ghaem co. concerning patients infection, it turned out that for many years surgical packs (gowns & drapes) have been main surgical instruments in the hospitals surgical divisions due to economy in patients’ expenses, they were antiseptic every time then reused. However, by passing time and new studies and surveys also considering microbiological researches by experts of the co. on washed cloths and made antiseptic, it turned out that the result was affirmative and the pores of cloths get bigger after every wash and it is the main reason of infection transmission.
As a result, well experienced Shafa Mehr Ghaem co. along with professional staff decided to import non woven cloths and disposable sterile surgical packs of two brands Broche and Sustec and guarantees the quality of products in high level.


Shafa Mehr Ghaem well experienced in related fields, presents services as below to all honorable co-workers and customers:

  • Consultation for equipping hospitals and centers of health and rehabilitation.
  • Importing diverse medical requirements and professional equipment.
  • Providing types of sterile surgical packs in accordance with request of hospitals.
  • Providing different kinds of elevators, wheelchairs, electrical beds and so on specialized for disabled veterans.
  • Providing hip protectors in order to prevent from break in elderlies and patients of osteoporosis.


Shafa Mehr Ghaem has worked out in many projects. Some hospitals using the products of this co. are :

  • Atieh Hospital
  • Parsian Hospital
  • Khatamolanbia Hospital
  • Terita Hospital
  • Kian Hospital
  • Akhtar Hospital