About Diamond Walraven®

Hami Tejarat Ghaem co. as the exclusive agent of Diamond Walraven® Co. in Iran is working in the field of installation supports and mechanical fixing systems.
Diamond Walraven® is of the numerated companies obtained UL and FM standards in firefighting. All products get presented along with engineering services and calculation booklet to the contractors. The complex also provides some services concerning products installation. Some projects of Diamond Walraven® in the Middle East and Iran are mentioned as:
Dubai mall, Dubai metro, Palm Atlantis hotel, twin towers of Kish, residential complex of Peyvand, Isfehan city center, Professor Hesabi hospital of neurology, Bandar Anzali Int’l room of conferences, Bagh Behesht residential complex, Sina complex, encampment of Khatamolanbia.
Hami Tejarat Ghaem co. is doing its best to fulfill customer satisfaction by providing qualified products under standard and engineering services.


Kinds of profiles

This set covers kinds of profiles in various sizes and models. In fact a profiles is considered as the spinal cord or chassis of the system, which are used in sizes with diverse thicknesses. These profiles generally get provided in cold and hot galvanized and stainless steel based on demands.
Profiles get presented in two types, one sided and double. more info

Types of pipe fixing supports

This set includes a wide range of plain split clamps, sprinkler clamps, pipe roller clamps, riser clamps, U bolt clamps in sizes 2/1” to 24”. These split clamps are presented in rubber lined clamps and without rubber which are used for different sorts of pipes (such as iron, plastic…). For supporting pipes that have horizontal movement due to expansion and contraction, pipe roller clamps are designed and presented in two types of adjustable roller hangers and pipe roller chairs. Other kinds of split clamps such as single bolt risers, two bolt and U bolt risers are available to be used for all sorts of pipes. more info

Types of anchors and connectors

Anchors in two types of mechanical and chemical are used in order to connect the system to the related structure. Mechanical anchors are covered by hot galvanization and provided in sizes M6-M20. Rods covered by cold galvanization in diameters M6-M20 are as the connectors between system components. more info

Types of Anti Vibrations

This set contains an extensive range of Anti vibrations including spring hangers, Anti vibration pads and Anti vibration mounts. These Anti vibrations are installed in order to reduce sound and vibration with high coefficient of performance, which repel hits that arise from hammer shock, vibration of pumps, devices and air conditioning, riser pipes, chiller foundations and air conditioners also vibration caused by earthquake or wind. The main operation of this collection is prevention, strength and protection. more info