Tosee Tejarat Faraz Moein Co.

Tosee Tejarat Faraz Moein regarding requirement of supplying new construction materials in the event of optimizing energy consumption and considering using experienced experts in the field of construction, reached the exclusive agency of ®Aerofoam industrial group in providing ®Aerofoam NBR elastomeric insulation.

®Aerofoam industrial group located in UAE since 1980 in addition to manufacturing products related to air conditioning industry in accordance with a cutting edge technology and state of the art standards of America and Europe including CE, DCL, DIN, ASTM, TUV…could achieve to the Int’l export of its products throughout the world.

®Aerofoam elastomeric insulation as a closed cell flexible product in class O with great quality and reasonable price is well accepted by employers, contractors and consultants concerning industrial and construction projects and also Iran oil and gas industries and considering its excellent quality and diversity of products and fast delivery, got favorite for many customers in a very short time.


Tosee Tejarat Faraz Moein co. in the event of satisfaction of respectful customers and providing services with taking notice of honorable purchasers, provides services in two periods before sales and after sales.

Before sales services:

  • Visiting projects on request and at the discretion of the taskmaster.
  • Free consultation in order to project analysis and presentation of technical solution on request and at the discretion of the taskmaster.
  • Identifying thickness of insulations in accordance with insulation projects by calculating software of ®Aerofoam elastomeric insulations.

After Sales Services:

  • Free visit at the project site.
  • Free supervision on insulation performance periodically and at the discretion of the respectful purchaser.
  • Introduction of a professional team in order to implement the elastomeric insulation in case of need.
  • To present a five years recognizance and guarantee of product quality through Tosee Tejarat Faraz Moein for ®Aerofoam elastomeric insulations at the end of the project and in case of no problem during the insulation process.


In order to satisfy customers and provide services in accordance with the need of honorable purchasers, all products delivered to the customers from Tosee Tejarat Faraz Moein cover a ten years guarantee along with an authorized letterhead of the co.

Remarkable points concerning the guarantee:

  • The guarantee includes performance of the products with supervision and free instruction by this co.
  • In open spaces and places that the insulation may get damaged by mechanical hits, the insulation must be installed by offering covers based on the technical division suggestion.
  • We recommend asking for consultation from technical experts, before purchase and installation of the insulation.