Hami Mohaseb Pars Co.

Hami Mohaseb Pars co. as a non trade establishment of management with great management and many years of experience in industrial and trade financial affairs, was established under a new name in 2013 in the event of reinforcement and optimization of financial and accounting systems of industrial and commercial companies on the purpose of better management of the complexes on their income and expenses, benefit increasing and reducing unnecessary expenses and keeping an integrated system of financial management.
The strategy of Hami Mohaseb Pars during years has been to be successful in reduction of work pressure on financial managers. By using provided services of Hami Mohaseb Pars, there is no need to have different agreements with diverse companies.
Undoubtedly, these general policies will be effective in reduction of expenses, prevention from information dispersion and acceleration of problems elimination.


Hami Mohaseb Pars provides all services of financial mechanization and accounting systems in a modern way, that the most significant ones are as:

  • To design financial, industrial and trading systems
  • Mechanization of financial and industrial systems


Some of the customers of Hami Mohaseb Pars that are in close cooperation with this Co. are :

  • Hami Tejarat Ghaem Group Holding Co.
  • Exir Sanat Bakhtari
  • Amir Khodro Shetab Co.
  • Shaparak Production
  • Samim Sanat
  • Behineh Tejarat Abrar Co.
  • Tosee Tejarat Faraz Moein Co.
  • Shafa Mehr Ghaem Co.