Foolad Gostaran Hami

As a well experienced professional team in import and distribution of construction ironware, Foolad Gostaran Hami launched to provide services in the concerned field under a new name in 2013.
With several years prosperous experiences in the field of supply and distribution of sorts of industrial and construction ironware and as the sales agent of the best domestic producers including Khorasan Foolad industries and Iran Foolad industrial national group and oversea manufacturers, Foolad Gostaran Hami is ready to cooperate with all consumers in whole and retail.



Some of the projects, Foolad Gostaran Hami has done are as below:

  • Asalouye tanavob Co.
  • Hamedan gandelesazi factory
  • Shiraz foolad baft factory
  • Shahran residential project
  • Eyvanaki Kiani project
  • West Hemat Abnous project
  • Nazar abad Sahab factory
  • Khosh Raftar residential project
  • The 156 units project of Morvarid shahr, Chitgar
  • Nourin and Dibaji Aftab projects
  • Jenaghchi metal industries
  • Yadegar Imam gas station
  • Ahadian metal industries
  • Ahvaz sani pool project
  • Jouybar Jouybaran steel
  • Yusef Abad Beigi project
  • Ramhormoz Salman Farsi Co.