Iranian, Asian and European girders

Girders are of the most hardware components and demonstrators of the quality of a building. Girders are categorized based on 3 standards:

  • IPE : this model is manufactured in Iran and Europe. The thickness of its wings is not changeable.
  • INP : The main part of this type is supplied in the markets of China and Russia. In these girders, the wings are thin at the top and they get thick at the bottom.
  • IPB : broad girder or a girder with wide wings similar to H.

If the symbol V is inserted next to the name of the girder, it demonstrates that the girder is heavy and if the symbol L is inserted next to the name of the girder, it demonstrates that the girder is light.

Kinds of fittings (Armature)

Fittings or armatures are sorts of steel to be used in the concrete for compensation of low elastic strength. The steel used for this purpose, are wire shaped and called steel fittings. In different countries, fittings are produced in various standards. In every standard, there is a specific categorization in accordance with the mechanical specifications of the steel. In Iran the main steel fittings produced by Isfehan Zob Ahan factory, are based on Russian standards, which are in three groups:

  • Armature-A1 : Flat shaped in elastic strength of 2800kg/cm2
  • Armature-A2 : Ribbed shaped in elastic strength of 5000kg/cm2
  • Armature-A3 : Ribbed shaped in elastic strength of 6000kg/cm

Types of steel and galvanized sheets

  • Black sheets : they are the sheets for construction use and their quality starts from ST33 and ends in ST52.
  • Pickling Sheets : They are produced from warm sheets. In one process, they are pickling and the coals on the surface get removed and a bit shiny similar to oily sheets.
  • Galvanized Sheets : They are produced from cold sheets. In a rather long process, the sheets get covered by some micron zinc in order to get the sheets strong against corrosion. More zing on the sheets, stronger coating. Coating in Chinese sheets is usually in the range of 100-120 mm and in Korean and Japanese sheets up to 180.
  • Black sheets : They are produced in two types of industrial and normal in diverse standards. The normal type is in standard ST37 and the industrial one in ST52. The normal type is mostly used for construction and the industrial one for industrial projects.

Types of U profile

U profile is of the most important construction profiles to be used in both single and in combination. U profile is used in order to connect bridges to the pillars. In some structures such as elevators, crushed U profiles are used.